Teen Court Office Location:
502 S. Center Street
Longview, TX 75601

Teen Court Program:
302 West Cotton Street (Police Station/Municipal Court Bldg)
Longview, TX 75601

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 3895
Longview, TX 75606

Phone: 903-237-2736
Fax: 903-291-5303


Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am to 11:30am - 1pm to 4:30pm

General Information

Who is eligible for Teen Court:
Youth ages 12 to 18 who: Have received and pled guilty or no contest to a Class C Misdemeanor, have not been in the Teen Court program for at least one year, and who are currently enrolled full time in a secondary education program leading toward a high school diploma.

How to enroll in the Teen Court program:
Once a youth has received a citation, if they are under the age of 17, they will be required to appear with a parent before a Municipal Judge, or Justice of the Peace at a juvenile court hearing. This hearing will be set by the court clerk and a notice will be mailed. At that time the youth may plead guilty or no contest to the offense and choose to take the Teen Court program in lieu of paying the fine and having the offense remain on their record. A court fee of $40 is required for the Teen Court program.
If a youth is 17 or older, they may appear before the Judge, or Court Clerk and request to take Teen Court without being set a court date.
Once a youth has chosen the Teen Court program they will be scheduled for an intake interview with the Teen Court coordinator. At that time the youth and parent will meet in the Teen Court office to discuss the program in detail. All court dates, jury dates, class dates, and community service information will be covered at the intake interview.

What does the sentencing consist of:
Community service hours, jury terms, and classes. (See the disciplinary grid)

How is Teen Court funded:
Longview Teen Court is a non-profit organization supported by annual fundraisers, grants, the City of Longview, Gregg County, and the City of Kilgore. We also hold student attorney fundraisers such as car washes and garage sales throughout the year.


"A record 1,255 local communities in America and increasingly around the globe are now operating these youth justice programs referred to as youth court, teen court, peer court, student court, youth peer jury, and youth peer panel.  A staggering 116,114 youthful offenders and a record 133,832 volunteers - to include both youth and adults are now involved annually in these programs." -Global Youth Justice, LLC, December 2009