Teen Court Office Location:
502 S. Center Street
Longview, TX 75601

Teen Court Program:
302 West Cotton Street (Police Station/Municipal Court Bldg)
Longview, TX 75601

Mailing Address:
PO BOX 3895
Longview, TX 75606

Phone: 903-237-2736
Fax: 903-291-5303


Office Hours:
Monday-Thursday 9am to 11:30am - 1pm to 4:30pm

IChoose - A Positive Behavior Management Program TBA, 2018 5pm -8pm

  • 9-22-2015

IChoose is a program of Longview Teen Court that helps young people make good choices and reinforces positive behaviors through education and community service.

IChoose teaches youth how to communicate in ways that are positive and appropriate. The class demonstrates how to make SMART choices when dealing with emotions and the behaviors of others. The student will learn to not only cope with stressful situations but how to change their behavior by changing their thought of themselves. A variety of topics are discussed throughout the class relevant to youth and families.


Classes are held at 302 W. Cotton Street in the Longview Police Station/Municipal Court Building

Please contact Teen Court staff for questions 903-237-2736.